So unfortunately I wasnt around to take part in the fun, but the children looked great in their costumes and had fun making their monsters!! 


Shape Monsters


This week in maths we have been focussed on 2D shapes. We used lots of language like sides, corners, right angles. We looked at squares, rectangles diamonds, triangles, circles, ovals, semicircle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octogon and quadrilateral! 

This, combined with Halloween coming up, gave us the inspiration to make Shape Monsters!


Maths Week


We are having Maths Week spread over two weeks! We participated in lots of maths games this week including target board, hit the button, roll a number sentence, snakes and ladders, 5 rounds, seven up. Look at us play some of these games.

We also undertook a maths trail around the school and as far as the community centre to count the cars! We had a lot of fun measuring the 4th 5th class yard, looking at shapes in the junior yard, and analysing our class.

We even created our own maths games. In pairs we created out own versions of Snakes and Ladders. We had some great adaptations! Look at us make our games.



The last two weeks we have been discussing homes. We looked at different types of homes; apartments, duplexes, semi detached, detached and terraced homes. We discussed the rooms in our homes and described what you find in these rooms. We also discussed the fact that not everyone has a home and some people sleep rough but also some people might sleep in their cars, or live in hotels/hostels or might sleep in other people’s homes. It made us realise how lucky we are. 

With the theme of homes we completed two different art activities. We designed our favourite room in our home by looking through the keyhole. 



The second project was a collaborative project. The children had to work together in groups to create a home. In pairs or by themselves they created a room each to assemble a house. They created bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and sitting rooms

Story writing


It’s been a great start to the years writing. The children used their imaginations and planned out their stories. They had lots of creative ideas and wrote stories  varying from pandas, zombies, eastenders to Harley Quinn! Look at us at work and our library full of our stories!! 

PE Days


Our PE day at the moment is a Tuesday when we go swimming. This encorporates all of our PE time in the week. However the children may wear their tracksuit on a Thursday also as I will endeavour to do a little activity with the children then. The children mus wear full school uniform on the other days. These days may also change once our swimming term has come to an end.